Protect Your Parenting Rights

Protect Your Parenting Rights

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When you’re dealing with a divorce or a separation, you want to be sure your child has the care they need. The Law Office of Robin Montes will assist you with child custody law in Vista, CA.

Child custody determines who takes care of and has supervision of a child. Parents and courts often determine child custody through:

  • An agreement between parties outside of the court system
  • A mutual agreement signed by a judge and filed with the court
  • A decision made by a judge

Our law firm stays up to date on child custody laws and works hard to do what’s in the best interests of your loved ones.

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Learn the two types of child custody

Many people aren’t aware that there are two types of child custody. Physical custody involves the physical care and supervision of a child. Legal custody is the right to make decisions for a child’s well-being. In some cases, decisions must be made jointly between both parents.

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